Welcome to The Placenta ∴ for all your Placenta related remedies and rituals. We are a collective of placenta specialists based in Amsterdam, Haarlem and The Hague.

The Placenta offers new and expecting mothers several services concerning the placenta. We recognise both the medicinal and spiritual properties of the placenta, and provide services that match these.

We adhere to strict Food Handling guidelines and are professionally trained by IPPA ∴ International Placenta and Postpartum Association ∴ so you can be sure that you are receiving the best services in the Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague, Noord & South-Holland area.

Read on for more information about our services and feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Lievnath is founder of The Placenta as well as Lievs Pregnancy and Childbirth. She offers several childbirth preparation courses under the brand of Alchemy of New Life. She holds a research Master degree in the representation of childbirth in film and is passionate about caring for women in their lifecycles. She is based in Scheveningen, the Hague and focusses on the art of making placenta prints as a valuable keepsake.

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Kim is a certified doula and placenta specialist based in Amsterdam. As a birth worker it is Kim’s job and honor to support mothers (to be) during this powerful moment in life. After discovering how beneficial the placenta was for her and other mothers, she wanted to specialize in the placenta remedies. Nowadays she provides this service with so much passion for newly moms!

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Alexandra is the owner of ‘a diary of a doula’: Doula, postpartum caregiver, placenta specialist, shiatsu masseuse and mother of a daughter and son. As a doula and postpartum practitioner, she supports mothers before, during and after the birth so that they can go through this transition with love and confidence. She combines this work with bodywork and placenta encapsulation. She herself had the placenta’s encapsulated after the births of her children and benefited greatly from it. She loves to do the same for other mothers.

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Marrit lives a nomadic lifestyle with her two daughters and partner, living in a campervan for several months a year and having a base in Haarlem and Berlin. She supports families during the magical postpartum time with the help of nutrition, natural remedies, ritual and placenta remedies. It’s an honour to her to acknowledge the special role of the placenta for the newborn and family. In her work, she aims to contribute to a sense of community, a connection to nature and an empowering environment around childbirth and early parenthood.

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The Placenta ∴ For all your placenta rituals and remedies ∴

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